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Chengdu Smart Home Decoration Guide

    The security, convenience and fashion of smart home in Chengdu have been recognized by the public. More and more consumers have started to buy smart home to realize intelligent home life. However, as a new product of the Internet of Things era, many people are easy to buy some impractical things when buying smart home, which are useless and weak points. To avoid this discovery, We have compiled some smart home decoration guides for you to refer to:

1. Define functional requirements and budget

Each family's pursuit of intelligent life is different, so the demand for smart home will also be different. When you decide to install a smart home system, in order to avoid feeling useless and weak after purchasing some smart home products, the first thing to consider is the family's functional requirements for smart home, that is, what personalized services need to be realized. Now, a set of smart home systems with strong practicality includes smart home gateway, smart door lock, smart speaker, smart switch, smart socket Infrared transcoder (to control the air conditioner and TV), intelligent curtain, intelligent window, surveillance camera, security alarm, etc. Don't worry about whether you carry the key or lose the key when you go out. You can unlock the door directly with fingerprint or password when you get home. You can also realize that the lights are on when people come, the lights are off when they go, and the windows are closed automatically when it rains. You can control all electrical appliances in the home by moving your mouth, including air conditioner, TV, water heater, lights, curtains Windows, etc. At the same time, it also has the functions of instant information push for opening the door, door lock anti prying alarm, burglary alarm, gas leakage alarm, smoke fire alarm, etc. When the above alarm occurs, the owner will receive the detailed alarm information at the first time, and can immediately open the monitoring system to remotely check the home situation. If you can't rush home in time, you can also open the mobile phone APP to remotely unlock, Let the property manager or security guard of the community come to the house to help check and deal with the problem. While ensuring family safety in an all-round way, it also provides convenience for family life. Those who do not like sweeping and mopping the floor, but like listening to music, singing karaoke and watching movies can also add intelligent floor sweeping robots, background music, home theaters and other products. You can determine which functions to include in your smart home system according to the needs or preferences of family members.

Secondly, it is necessary to make a budget in advance before decoration. The specific price depends on the configuration you want to have, the number of points you control, and the choice of brands. If you don't know how to plan, you can make a rough budget according to the scheme of the smart home designer.

2. Select a wired or wireless system

From the perspective of whether wiring is required, smart home can be divided into wired system and wireless system.

The wired system transmits control signals through physical lines. This kind of transmission is safe and stable, with strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. Even a very large system, such as a building with more than ten floors, can still transmit data stably, but it requires comprehensive wiring. The lines are planted into the wall, with large quantities of work and poor mobility. It is also difficult to update and upgrade later.

Wireless smart home is based on Zigbee, Bluetooth, wifi and other wireless methods. Most of the sensors are also equipped with batteries. There is basically no need for special wiring or power distribution. It only needs to make some preparations on network wiring and electrical sockets. It has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, two-way transmission and so on. However, walls, floors, and metal anti-theft doors will cause a certain attenuation effect on the signal, so it is necessary to make a reasonable layout for each point in the early stage, To ensure the stability of signal transmission.

The new generation of wireless smart home, based on LORA long-distance transmission communication protocol, has the natural advantages of no signal transmission distance, strong signal through wall ability, high signal anti-interference ability, good system stability, low cost, low power consumption, two-way transmission, etc. It has solved the wired and wireless competition in the smart home industry for many years, and successfully let villas The whole house wireless smart home system solutions for large family houses such as duplex buildings are truly feasible, and are the preferred solutions for large family houses.

LORA Smart Home
3. Choose a smart home brand
The smart home system may be used for several years, or even more than ten years. What should we do if it breaks down? Only choosing an excellent smart home brand manufacturer is a good way to avoid risks. How to select the brand of smart home needs to comprehensively consider the stability of the system, brand influence, R&D and production capacity of the enterprise, after-sales service capacity and other factors.

If you don't want to think so hard, there is a small routine. Generally, large brands have their own offline experience stores. When shopping around, you can go directly to the local smart home living hall to experience and judge the stability and applicability of the smart home system.

     Taking Jianshu of JINSHU as an example, Jianshu Smart is now building "thousands of cities and thousands of stores" across the country. All kinds of smart home products are integrated into the living scenes of the experience hall, such as the porch, dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Here, all the pictures of intelligent home in your mind are displayed in front of your eyes. Only when the eyes have been confirmed, fingertips have been touched, and the body has been felt, can it be a more reliable and reassuring choice.

Smart home brand

4. Complete the design and wiring scheme

When designing smart home decoration, you need to communicate with the designer about what intelligent scenes the house needs to achieve. "When there is no one at home, you worry about the safety of your family? When you lie in bed, you want to sleep, but don't want to get up and turn off the lights? When you want to take a bath, you just want to put hot water? When it is hot, you always feel that the cooling of the air conditioner is too slow? You don't know how to save money when decorating and wiring..." The designer can give the best design scheme based on your needs and the pain points in life. At the same time, it is particularly important to choose an excellent smart home designer. A designer with high tacit understanding and high understanding can create a warm and comfortable home environment on the basis of meeting your aesthetic needs.

    After the design scheme is completed, the decoration company will cooperate with the construction wiring according to the designer's scheme, and the zero line must be reserved when wiring. Generally, wall switches have only live wires and no zero wires, but the stability of the zero wires is high, and they are an indispensable part of smart home equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve stable and reliable live wires for wall switches before decoration. At the same time, if smart home is installed, there is no need for complex wiring to make dual control switches in rooms, stairs and other places. For example, if rooms have dual control lighting effects, first install a switch at the entrance, Another switch is installed on the bed switch, and these two switches will be wired to the same lamp. The use of the Jianshu intelligent wireless switch can solve this waste problem very well. We only need to install an intelligent main switch at the entrance, while the bedside only needs to install a wireless free pasting switch. The free pasting switch and the intelligent main switch are connected wirelessly, and the free pasting is like a remote control, In this way, there is no need to connect the wires between the wireless sticker and the lamp. This part of the wiring can be completely eliminated. In addition, the installation of the sticker is more casual. It can be pasted on the wall or bedside table. Is it more cost saving, trouble saving and convenient than the traditional dual control switch?

Smart switch

5. Installation and commissioning

Before the installation of wireless smart home, you need to make some preparations according to the products you have installed. For example, when installing lights, you need to determine the number of switch panels required for each room. Of course, not only lights, but also audio and video, appliances, HVAC and curtains. Then, according to the progress of the project, you need to gradually install the corresponding smart home products.

After all the products are installed, the corresponding technicians will conduct a debugging of the entire system to add the network and centralized control of all intelligent products. At the same time, they will set different scene modes and voice control modes according to your needs. The operation is relatively simple. You can also familiarize yourself with the system, so that you can later set the system and test whether you are satisfied.


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