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Chengdu Leke Space is a subordinate brand of Leke Electronics. It is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, sales and construction of smart home products. With its strong strength, it gathers a group of highly professional professionals. Over the years, we have always taken "quality first, customer first, people-oriented, science and technology leading" as our business purpose. Relying on a strong marketing network and a perfect after-sales service system, under the business philosophy of "strict brand creation and excellence", we have continued to expand the popularity of our products, and won a good reputation and outstanding performance both inside and outside the industry. In the face of fierce market competition and challenges, we will work harder to create a better living space for you.

Advantages of the company's products: smart home with LORA protocol can be transmitted remotely without wiring! No wiring required! No wiring required! Upgraded decorated rooms are more convenient!




Contact: Mr gong

Phone: +8618040307939

Contact: Mr gong

Phone: 13708017883

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