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Smart home wave sweeps the world

    Driven by the wave of smart home, smart home fine decoration has become a racecourse for real estate enterprises to show their skills and seek product breakthroughs. Under this east wind, the importance of smart home has become increasingly prominent. Scientific and technological residential buildings driven by smart home are accelerating real estate enterprises to gain product competitiveness.
According to the Analysis Report on the Annual Monitoring Data of the Smart Home Real Estate Fine Decoration Commodity Residential Market in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as AVC Report) released by Ovi Cloud, the penetration rate of fine decoration continues to increase. Specifically, the penetration rate of basic components has a small change, comfortable components and smart home products have a large space and will grow rapidly in the future:
In the process of this wave of real estate industry seeking transformation and breakthrough with products, smart home will become an important force to help the real estate industry to create competitive products, and high-quality smart home enterprises will also be favored by real estate enterprises through the promotion of scientific and technological housing.

Consensus formation: the value of smart home and real estate enterprises is bundled, and high-tech residential products are emerging。

The cooperation between smart home enterprises and real estate enterprises is deepening, and even has formed value bundling and benefit bundling with scientific and technological housing as the common goal.
This is reflected in three aspects.

First of all, the number of fine decoration products configured with smart home has been increasing, and the penetration of scientific and technological housing has accelerated.

In the AVC report, the hardbound market size is expected to maintain a 25% growth rate in the next two years. It is expected to exceed 4 million sets in 2021 and 5 million sets in 2022. In 2020 alone, the number of smart home system market projects for refined decoration commercial residential buildings will reach 225, and the number of project units will reach 168100, including 155600 residential projects and 12500 apartments.

After the basic components become stable and mature, smart homes are being launched in large numbers, and residential products are beginning to gain better market perception through scientific and technological living experience. A series of high comfort and low energy consumption residential buildings under technical support create a new attraction for the owner group.

Then, the number of real estate enterprises participating in the configuration of smart home is increasing, and the levels are diversified.

In the AVC report, the number of developers participating in smart home configuration will increase dramatically in 2020. These developers not only have heads and waist players, but also have increasingly rich and diversified levels. This shows that technology residential is not the domain of specific real estate enterprises, and almost everyone is participating.

In addition to broad consensus, the output of products and programs of smart home enterprises also makes real estate projects "smart", and ultimately allows owners to obtain real technology residential experience.

This is also reflected in three aspects.

1: It is an intelligent product that can quickly fill in various scenes.

At the product level, the smart home industry's efforts in products over the years have become an important underlying support for the acquisition of technology residential experience. In the report of Ovi Cloud, the matching rate of smart home products has been generally improved:

Taking the hot smart door lock as an example, JINSHU Jianshu, Ouruibo, Xiaomi and other brands have all developed and launched their own innovative products, allowing owners to have a completely different scientific and technological experience in the matter of "entering the door".

2: The centralized central control management has been completely systematized.

On top of single products, the integration and integration of the whole house is an inherent necessity of scientific and technological housing, which requires that smart home enterprises must first have the ability to build systematic whole house solutions.

At present, mainstream players such as Huawei, JINSHU Jianshu and Xiaomi have launched systematic deployment plans for service real estate projects, including central control products, intelligent operating systems, self owned and ecological products.

3: It is cross system compatibility that promotes the arrival of the era of "full connectivity".

From single product to system, and upward, it is a compatible connection between smart home enterprises.

No smart home enterprise can complete all the single products, nor can it take care of the needs of all real estate projects or owners in product research and development. Therefore, it is necessary for smart home enterprises to achieve cross system compatibility to help real estate enterprises build high-tech residential buildings.

For example, JIANSHU Jianshu's smart home system can connect various devices and support mainstream IoT ecology such as graffiti, Xiaodu, Tmall Genie, which essentially helps real estate enterprises build a multi brand connectivity platform that can realize component linkage.

In this spirit of openness, the rise of scientific and technological housing has also solved an important problem - owners can freely extend new items or systems on the basis of the existing "pre installed" smart home system, which is often one of the main considerations of many owners before purchasing fine decorated houses.

Future outlook: under the "market feeding back technology", opportunities are only reserved for smart home enterprises with accumulation

Since smart home has provided important energy for real estate projects to break through the transformation, in turn, the presence of real estate, a giant industry, also means that smart home will break away from the situation of stable development in the past, achieve rapid breakthrough from the B end, and a large number of high-quality enterprises will emerge.
In the report of Ovi Cloud, in addition to Midea, a proprietary real estate company, Huawei, Orebo, Xiaomi, Jianshu, Jianshu and other brands, which appeared as a "third-party smart home service provider", have risen rapidly in this field in the past two years. Although affected by the epidemic in 2020, Huawei and Jianshu still achieved relatively rapid growth:

In fact, the development of smart home is also practicing the important tenets of cutting-edge technology development - market feedback has become the key driving force for technological progress. Therefore, in the process of continuous cooperation with real estate enterprises, Huawei, Jianshu, Jianshu and other enterprises will become more and more technologically advanced, and real estate enterprises will gradually tend to increase cooperation with such enterprises.

In this case, the more accumulated enterprises are, the easier they will be favored by real estate, and the gap between smart home enterprises is widening.

For example, Huawei Smart Home has rapidly surpassed its old rival Xiaomi in the real estate field with a strong momentum. Another JIANSHU Jianshu, who has been cultivating smart home for a long time, currently provides smart home systems and products for nearly 1 million families around the world. It has implemented smart home solutions in nearly 300+high-end communities. Its self-developed LORA MESH smart home system has become a villa The first choice for intelligent large family houses such as duplex buildings.
Smart home

Therefore, in the future, in the process of seeking transformation and breakthroughs in the real estate industry and the rapid emergence of high-tech residential buildings, large and small real estate enterprises will more and more actively prefer to select several smart home leading enterprises, which are leading in technology, products and services, and easier to help real estate enterprises create more attractive high-tech residential projects.


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