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Chengdu Smart Home Decoration Guide

The security, convenience and fashion of smart home in Chengdu have been recognized by the public. More and more consumers have started to buy smart home to realize intelligent home life. However, as a new product of the Internet of Things era, many people are easy to buy some impractical things when buying smart home, which are useless and weak points. To avoid this discovery, We have compiled some smart home decoration guides for you to refer to:

1. Define functional requirements and budget

Each family's pursuit of intelligent life is different, so the demand for smart home will also be different. When you decide to install a smart home system, in order to avoid feeling useless and weak after purchasing some smart home products, the first thing to consider is the family's functional requirements for smart home, that is, what personalized services need to be realized. Now, a set of smart home systems with strong practicality includes smart home gateway, smart door lock, smart speaker, smart switch, smart socket Infrared transcoder (to control the air conditioner and TV), intelligent curtain, intelligent window, surveillance camera, security alarm, etc. Don't worry about whether you carry the key or lose the key when you go out. You can unlock the door directly with fingerprint or password when you get home. You can also realize that the lights are on when people come, the lights are off when they go, and the windows are closed automatically when it rains. You can control all electrical appliances in the home by moving your mouth, including air conditioner, TV, water heater, lights, curtains Windows, etc. At the same time, it also has the functions of instant information push for opening the door, door lock anti prying alarm, burglary alarm, gas leakage alarm, smoke fire alarm, etc. When the above alarm occurs, the owner will receive the detailed alarm information at the first time, and can immediately open the monitoring system to remotely check the home situation. If you can't rush home in time, you can also open the mobile phone APP to remotely unlock, Let the property manager or security guard of the community come to the house to help check and deal with the problem. While ensuring family safety in an all-round way, it also provides convenience for family life. Those who do not like sweeping and mopping the floor, but like listening to music, singing karaoke and watching movies can also add intelligent floor sweeping robots, background music, home theaters and other products. You can determine which functions to include in your smart home system according to the needs or preferences of family members.


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